Personal Training

I currently PT at Ferndown Leisure Centre, Dorset. I love our gym; it has all of the equipment needed, for diverse and varied exerices so we can complete killer workouts in the nicest of environments.

Prior to your session we will have a consultation meet to discuss your goals and considerations, I can then plan your workouts around this. I can also draw you up a programme for a length of time, take your measurements and body fat readings, as well as giving diet and Nutrition advice and/or guidelines to follow. Whether you are looking to gain better fitness, improve your lifestyle, get strong, or just need a little motivation, I am here to help you get there; your exercise should be about health not appearence. I take pride in my job and aim to make every session enjoyable, beneficial and challenging. Exercise is not just about losing/changing weight – the physical and mental benefits that can be achieved from exercise completely outweigh the numbers on the scales and it’s my job to make you feel confident and strong, in every way.


You can read my client’s own opinions written in their words, about me as a trainer on my testimonial page here. The only people who can give a true verdict are those that have experienced the same themselves.

Prices are set by the centre, and as of January 2018 are as follows for members:

 1 hour session is £25.00, or 30 minutes is only £17.50!

 10 x 30 minute sessions offer £140.00

 6 x 1 hour sessions offer £125.00

Non-members (who don’t pay a gym membership) are also able to PT with myself or one of my trainers with the following pricing:

 1 hour session is £30.00,  6 x 1 hour sessions offer £150.00



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