When studying to be a Level 3 PT, I studied and achieved the Level 3 Nutritional Adviser qualification. This enables me to give exercise based nutritional advice, guidance to my personal training clients and gives me a very good knowledge of nutrition. This is quite an in-depth qualification, I had a very knowledgeable lecturer, and some hard exams to pass.

I’ve been confident in my nutritional knowledge over the last 3 years but I think it is so important to keep learning, all the time! I like to keep reading new studies and articles and ensure I am up together.

You can always learn more!

 So in 2016, I took it upon myself to develop my qualifications further. In April I took part in a 2-day course in Canary Wharf London with LDNM, more info here. After 2 days of studying, I refreshed and updated my current knowledge, and learnt a lot of new things. This course was more scientifically backed with again, a very knowledgable tutor. Following the achievement of my exam I now hold the qualification of Nutrition Coach.


If you are wanting to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, change body shape or just improve your personal knowledge on nutrition I can help you. I offer an initial consultation where we can gather your personal information, and a little bit more information about your goals. Following that, I would “do your maths” and work out some specific things including; your BMR, TDEE, both based upon your weight and activity levels. 

  • BMR: Basic Metabolic Rate
  • TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Following these, I can then draw up your personalised nutritional programme with your specific macronutrient requirements. This all sounds very ‘techy’ but that’s not for you to worry about. I always like to educate my clients as I want you to be able to understand your own nutrition, so along with your personalised programme will come a fool proof guide to your diet. (Your diet never being referred to as a short period of time – your diet is what you put into your body). 

For more information or to get your nutritional life changes started – please contact me on

Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have – I would love to help in anyway I can. xx

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