Welcome, to my little space on the internet – thanks for visiting!

Who am I? I am a 23 year old Personal Trainer giving an inside into my career in the fitness industry. I may be young but I have been a qualified Personal Trainer for 4 years, plus a year of studying prior to this. However, my journey didn’t start here – I first started working in the industry as a 14 year old gymnastics enthusiast, when my coach at the time asked me to help her coach the younger gymnasts. I jumped at the chance and took my Level 1 Coaching Qualification 6 months later. At this point I realised my love for teaching and passion for exercise and knew the direction I wanted to take in education.

Exercise and sport has always been my one true passion having competed as a gymnast, a synchronised swimmer, but mostly a competitive swimmer for 3 years growing up. My love of challenging myself has expanded over the years into challenging my gymnasts and challenging my clients. I also specialise in Ante and Post Natal exercise and exercising with disabilities; these elements of personal training I love but also really challenge me. I love being able to train different ages, abilities and people with different goals.

In addition to this I am a Level 3 Qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I absolutely love being a masseuse and I am constantly learning – experience is everything. Sports Massage and Personal Training really compliment each other as each practise broadens my knowledge of the other. I really understand how the body works and now find helping clients to rehabilitate injuries naturally as I can see the problem from both perspectives.

Finally, I am an aerobics class instructor and teach a lot of classes, (I am certainly busy). I teach spinning – a fantastic cardio workout, great for the legs, various classes including core and HIIT training etc; and finally Metafit. Some people may have not heard of this even though it is an internationally taught class based on the HIIT principles. Read my post here on the benefits of Metafit and HIIT training in general to learn more.

In 2017 I began studying to become a Pilates Instructor. Something I love and am very passionate about! Read my post of what Pilates entails here.

All of the above roles come under one job title; Fitness Manager. I manage all things fitness at my leisure centre; our group workout timetable, the gym and all of the staff working within it. A role I am so proud to have been given; I love my work and now having more responsibility and opportunity to change and develop our gym is a privilege.

I am bursting to share ideas and tips that I experience every day, I dream of being a fitness writer along side my day job – I love to travel and am lucky to have a job/skill I’m able to take around the world with me. I practise what I preach and this is a little snip of my journey including all things health and fitness. Follow me on Instagram for more of an inside to my life.

I aim for my website to hopefully inspire and motivate as I do with my clients every day. Please feel free to contact me with any question/comments you may have or if you want me to train you I am based in the beautiful setting of Dorset, South of England.

Thank you again. xo


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