Why should you train with a PT? 

A lot of people will have a lot of questions regarding Personal Training, and in the industry there are some good and some bad. We get a lot of “I know what I’m doing”, “I’m happy in my routine” etc but there are so many benefits to training with a qualified PT so I decided to write this post. Forewarning, it may be a long one! After all, we’ve spent the time studying anatomy and physiology, the dynamics of the body, trialing exercises ourselves and spent years working with clients to gain experience (hopefully)… just going to the gym for your own workout doesn’t qualify you to know what we do, despite what many might like to think.

Which leads me onto my main reasons for training with a qualified Personal Trainer (I stress the word qualified as there are a lot of very confident gym users out there who will tell you everything you want to hear, and may even sound professional but they don’t have a hard earned qualification to back this up so please be very aware of this).

1. We do all of the thinking for you. A lot of the time you’ll wander into the gym and don’t have a planned workout so end up doing the same routine you always do, that’s not challenging or engaging.

2. Your session will be tailored to YOU! It’s our job to be creative and come up with new challenging/ fun exercises. Most PTs should be spending time to tailor sessions to their client. Each client will have their own goals so it’s the trainers job to help them get there effectively.

3. We will push you! By human nature, when you start to find an exercise really challenging, you will stop and move on. This is when we’ll help you to achieve that little bit more and get you out of your comfort zone!

4. Your PT is not just a paid exercise professional, but a supportive listener, someone to encourage you on your journey (however long), and maybe even a friend? Some of my clients I have been working with for years and we spend more time together than I do with my closest friends. I’ve even attended a client’s wedding reception! Most share the ins and outs of their lives with me as their session with me is a safe place; it’s a privilege.

5. Finally, you can learn from us. Challenge us on our knowledge! It’s so important to know what you are doing and why it’s of benefit to you. This is especially important if you are new to weight training for example; as a complete novis it’s important for the trainer to teach you not just instruct you. Because of this – ask questions! There is nothing wrong with just asking your PT “and what is this doing?” – if they sound unsure or not confident in their explanation then maybe be concerned. Some clients have strict goals and some just want to be pushed to their limits in a workout, but there should always be justification to the content of your sessions.

There are my main benefits but it’s all so individual, hopefully some of my clients would have something else to describe from their prospective. Having a Personal Trainer shouldn’t be the expensive luxury everyone expects it to be, even if it’s only 1 session every few weeks to keep you on track and check your form, it’s better than not at all.

Don’t be afraid to approach a trainer in your gym just to ask for advice. You could pay for a one off session to get their recommendations on what you should be working towards and to point out any weaknesses.

I hope this post could benefit you or just give you the confidence to talk to a PT local to you. I’m more than happy to answer any queries and give any PT advise I can so please get in contact.


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