So, I’m becoming a Pilates instructor?

A new and very unexpected endeavour for me in 2017 is that I have enrolled to become a Pilates Instructor! I have been saying for the past year… “no more courses, just one more, I don’t need to teach anything else, no more” but here I am. I am enrolled into my Exercise Referral Course in July and now an ongoing Pilates course.

I am studying with Future Fit Training; read their prospectus here.

My first weekend of study is at the end of April, which qualifies me to teach Basic Mat Pilates. I then follow this up in July with another weekend which is Intermediate Level and finally Advanced Pilates in another weekend in August followed by a final assessment. As a qualified Personal Trainer there are some aspects of A&P that I’m able to skip which is a time saver for me.

As mentioned before, I’m a huge believer in CPD (continued professional development) as the fitness industry is forever changing and developing. Pilates is kind of a new venture for me but uses aspects of classes I teach already and a style of training I incorporate, so I know it’ll be interesting to me. Another reason I have always been interested in Pilates is because it works hand in hand with being a sports masseuse; it’s often something I recommend to clients to compliment their treatment.

I may already be an aerobics class instructor but I am by no stretch going into Pilates Instructing thinking I know what I’m doing; I’m looking forward to a new (and much slower pace) challenge as an instructor. I’ve been attending Pilates classes at work led by some of my fantastic instructors to get some inspiration, some ideas on how they all lead their classes differently and to ensure I have enough ability to be able to teach.

I’ve also been watching some Pilates videos such as Lottie Murphy’s here:

So far, I would highly recommend Future Fit Training as a provider as they’ve been so professional and easy to use. The courses have been really well organised and are planned well in advance which works well for me! I will keep updates coming for anyone interested in Pilates/Instructing/FutureFit/My Experiences.

Wish me luck! xx


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