Fallen off the NY’s Resolution Wagon?

So it’s March… it’s normally about this time that all hopes of New Year’s resolutions have just about gone. For me, it’s this time that the gym starts to get quieter and all of those new joiners start to show less and less so it’s really noticeable. However, personally as I mentioned before, I don’t set resolutions, only goals that are hopefully all achievable. You can read my full post on what I set myself for 2017 here.

I think the beginning of March is such a wonderful time as we are all a little fed up of the glum weather and we start to see signs that Spring is close. 2017 is going so fast already and we are in fear of letting it slip by without really doing what we wanted for ourselves! Because of this, I’m doing a little re-cap of my goals to see how I’m doing.

I am pleased to say that 2 months into the year I’ve achieved 2 goals, as mentioned in my Cross Fit post here! 2 further are underway – I am booked onto my ER Course for July, I’ve booked 2 holidays to places I’ve not been before exploring France across both trips, as well as having just got back from Dublin, Ireland on a Hen Party! Another is my Rough Runner which is next month – fingers crossed.

As for the others, I am in the process of house viewings and savings. Finally, (see below) these are all on-going things that I would like to increase throughout the year and hopefully keep up into 2018.

Give regularly to a food bank.

Spend more time with family and friends; I like to think I spend a lot of time already with my loved ones but you can always spend more, it’s the most important thing to me.

Do more voluntary work – of any type.

Cook more!”

So, if you are one of those people who is struggling to keep up with your goals/resolutions whether it be diet or exercise related, to read more or to make up with a family member, my top tips for you are these:

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s ok to have a rubbish few days because the next few may be better than great. Celebrate the small achievements, great things don’t always happen overnight.
  • Make sure your goal is realistic! For example, if for January you said you were going to go to the gym 5 times a week but you hate exercise then don’t be silly! Make it 2-3 times a week – it’s better than nothing. Do what you enjoy.
  • Finally, a year is a long time; build up to your goal throughout the year then by the time we reach December it’ll be normal behaviour. A great example of this would be your diet, if you’re aiming to eat better then start with substituting the bad food for something better, the more regularly you do this, the more normal it becomes.


We all move in our own way. Good luck, say hello to March! 


(Image taken of Mudeford Quay, Christchurch – beautiful Dorset). 


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