February Press Up Challenge

I did 10 Press Ups everyday for a month?

Ok, so February is a short month but I set myself a challenge of doing 10 Press Ups everyday for 28 days. I found inspiration from another blogger and thought it would be perfect for myself. My press ups are a real weak point as I struggle with my right shoulder; I can do them but they are by no means good.

10 full press ups everyday – it’s so realistic, so achievable and if I don’t get to workout at least I’ve done that. If I’ve already trained upper body and had press ups within the workout, I still did an extra 10, ouch.

The Verdict?

Days 1-12: it got easier each day, it’s not that 10 press ups was a challenge for me, it’s that I didn’t feel very strong doing them. I’m very strict with my technique so it’s important I stick with it from rep 1-10.

Days 12-20: I felt much better. I felt more confident, I felt I looked better during, and most importantly my range of movement had improved. My press up rhythm flowed much better and I didn’t tire towards the end.

Days 20-28: the last week! By now, 10 press ups was easy. I enjoyed them and could notice the improvement. 10 full press ups now felt like a warm up rather than a workout. I progressed my last 4 days of the challenge to decline press ups with my feet elevated on a bench. This was always a technique I struggled with due to my lack of shoulder stability so this gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Overall? I would recommend this type of challenge to anyone, whatever the exercise it doesn’t matter. It is such a realistic easy way to continuously work on something without getting bored or losing focus. Consistency really is key! Now I’ve got to keep it up and maintain a good amount of plyometric press ups.

Some other exercises this would work with would be: squats, sit ups, pull ups, variation grip press ups – (triangle, close grip).


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