Tips to Surviving Winter

For a lot of people, Winter is the worst time of year, they simply long for the summer. Yes, we all miss the Vitamin D and get a little fed up with the grey days but feeling this way can really affect your ‘already affected’ mood. Seasonal Affect Disorder is a form of depression that a lot of people don’t realise is a real thing; read more about it from the NHS website here.

I have always been very interested in working with Mental Health because of the enormous benefits that exercise can have on upon anxiety and depression.  Last year I studied an advanced course in Exercise Referral for Mental Health so I’m always working with people trying to manage these conditions; which leads me to this blog post and my top tips for surviving Winter.

  1. Be grateful for all of the seasons; there is joy in all four. Spring is magical; lambs being born, daffodils are flaring and the days get lighter. Summer; the sunshine is out, the sea is warm and the family days out are endless. Autumn is beautiful, with the trees turning orange, the freezing cold but beaming low sun, starting to wrap up warm and put the fire on in the evenings. Winter is Christmas! It’s a joyful, family orientated time of year. Who doesn’t love mulled wine, mince pies and games with your loved ones? It’s also a time to be productive, when the weather is glum get organised inside – de-clutter, spring clean, plan your year ahead! Get that positive mental attitude in your head and stick with it.

2. Start exercising – without vitamin D we struggle to produce our happy hormones so get your heart rate up and blood pumping instead. You’ll feel proud of yourself for doing it, fitter in general and better about yourself. Go to a class if you’re not a gym person or take a friend with you!

3. Get out of bed early – one of the symptoms with S.A.D. is lethargy. You only need 7-8 hours sleep per night so when that alarm goes off, get up and get moving. The days are shorter in the Winter so you could really put that extra time to good use!

4. Do something FUN! Just because it’s miserable weather, it doesn’t mean there isn’t things to do. I love to fill my time doing different things – exercise clubs/classes and styles as I’ve mentioned above but it’s not all physical.

Here’s some ideas: baking! I tried this protein flapjack recipe from Coach and they were yummy turning out looking like this:


 I booked a spa day with my best friend; we travelled to Bath early last Saturday morning and spent a couple of relaxing hours catching up and enjoying the facilities before going for lunch. Quality time can’t be beaten! Our view from the roof top pool with gleaming sunshine but freezing winds shown below.

I would highly recommend Bath Thermae Spa – see more here.

Finally, what about taking your Mum for a coffee? Our local major town is Bournemouth so we’re lucky there’s lots on offer. After recommendation from a client we went for a coffee with a difference at All Fired Up – see their website here. We had green smoothies, shared a shortbread and painted our own ceramics. With only a £3 each studio fee covering all of the paint and extras, and your chosen pottery to pay for, we had a great afternoon out for a bargain and I’d highly recommend it for families also. See below our pictures – I went with 4 x coasters/small tiles and my Mum went with a plate.

See my review on TripAdvisor here!


Finally, 5. Book your holiday – If you really just want it to be summer then why not get you holiday booked in! I don’t believe we should spend life waiting for something but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to. Get organised, get planning and make it the best holiday yet! Order some holiday clothes and give yourself a boost.

I hope these could be useful to anyone reading; thank you. It’s already February, 2017 is flying by so lets not miss it. Sophie xo


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