Cross Fit: My Opinions

Well it’s the end of January already (I thought January was meant to drag but it’s gone so fast for me).

Now for Goal 1 of 2017 – the main reason for this post is to give my own little opinion on Cross Fit in aim of another beginner using it as a confidence boost for trying it also. Luckily, a friend of mine had a Cross Fit gym to recommend so I went early one freezing Wednesday morning to Westover Cross Fit to the most incredible gym – very different from what I’m used to. I think in the industry Cross Fit has an intimidating reputation that it’s super hard – which it is, but even the best had to start somewhere.

The Workout

The workout itself was really well structured – a tabata warm up, followed by a technique session and a killer timed finisher. Our technique focus was a Turkish get-up which I know as an exercise but had never dedicated a set amount of time to work on it; the trainer, Adrian, would come around the group of no more than 10 people to correct us. Following this, we moved onto a “hang snatch” which was new to me; baby weights, a great demonstration and step by step practise from the trainer and I think I got it! We used this exercise working on 15 reps and combined it with skipping 90 single skips, to complete as many rounds of both as we could in 10 minutes. This style of group training is how I like to work as an instructor  because it allows the class to work to their own ability – allowing you to teach a mixed abilities group who are all working at 100%.


After an hours class I felt thoroughly worked across my whole body and had worked up a good sweat. I really enjoyed it and the time went quickly as we were always occupied. The workout is shown on the image I’ve put onto this post. Due to the location of the club, the cost and my schedule, it’s not something I’m able to go to every week, yet I’m going to make the effort to go once every other week if possible. I can really see myself getting stronger with Cross Fit and I love anything different! It’s always good to mix up your training with something that challenges your body.

Cross Fit gets a big tick from me – give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose except your legs for a day of DOMS. 


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