Reflecting on 2016, HNY!

It’s that time again, and I can’t quite believe it?! This year, as I’m sure most will agree has gone by like the blink of an eye. I still feel it’s important to reflect on what you’ve achieved in a year to give you some form of direction towards the next year; I set a lot of personal goals and am always trying to tick things off my “bucket list” as I aim for my time to be used productively.

So where to start? Splitting my life into categories made it a lost easier!


From how my career had progressed last year receiving a promotion in April 2015, I hadn’t expected much to change this year; how wrong was I; exciting opportunities were presented and I was given the Fitness Manager position starting in June. I would still keep all of my PT and group workout instructor roles but now be solely in charge! I have a fantastic team and couldn’t do it without them. Luckily, I had finished the Level 3 NVQ in April so I was able to manage my time accordingly.

The final 6 months of the year were testing, I had a lot of adapting to do. I managed to over-see a refurb; which you can read about here. I also studied my first Level 4 Course in specialising exercise referral for mental health; a big step up but a fantastic qualification to add to my C.V. I know 2017 will be hard work but I’m looking forward to it and have lots to get done at work to make my mark on our centre.

Personal Achievements

Personally, an achievement for me has been this blog; I still love writing it’s always been an ambition of mine, work is my priority and it would be silly to put a blog that no-one reads before that! But I still want to keep it up, just for myself if no-one else.

Secondly, I competed in another Triathlon, beating my first Triathlon in October 2015 by 30 minutes! Second time round I knew more about what I was doing and had time to train! I loved it but don’t have the time to train and make it a regular occurrence. Because of this, I tried to improve my 5k time. I started doing Park Runs on any Saturday morning I had free with a friend who is much better at running than me! See my post on them here. I managed to get my 5k to under 30 minutes comfortably and competed in 2 x charity runs at the beach supporting the YMCA Bournemouth.


Seeing the world is very important to me – there’s so much to see and so little time to do it in! Each year I try to go to places I’ve never been before and explore as much as I can. This year I spent New Year in Brussels and Bruges, Belgium with my family, I went skiing to Val D’Isere in France, stopping in Annecy on the way, I surprised James with a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands to celebrate his graduation in the summer, and I went on holiday to Malta; covering the whole (very small) country in a week! Not forgetting the UK; but we don’t have all day.

Feelings and what I hope to achieve in 2016?

To conclude? Reflecting on this on New Year’s Eve I feel positive for the year to follow. I feel I am very blessed with wonderful family, friends and boyfriend which I am always reminded of over Christmas time. I live in a beautiful part of the world and my job is my passion.

Overall, 2016 has been another interesting year across the world, in politics for example, but a great year for achievements personally, and amongst my loved ones, “you can’t have the yin without the yang” as they say.

These photos highlight some of my best bits of 2016. In March, I skied for the first time since I was 10 years old – it was incredible! Here’s to 2017! Wishing everyone health, happiness and good fortune in the New Year.


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