Updating and checking in…

I haven’t blogged since June????! At the start of this year I decided I was going to dedicate some time to blogging and writing maybe 1-2 posts in a month sharing my views, but in June it just became impossible! So where have I been?

A little update on me… In May I received the promotion I’d been longing for the previous 6 months and became the Fitness Manager of the gym I’ve always worked at. This was huge for me and I couldn’t have been happier. With any new job, the first couple of months are chaos but rightly so! I haven’t blogged because I’ve been putting my heart and soul into my work. Now my new role has become part of my normal routine, I feel I have a better balance and can try to share the things I’m learning on my journey in the industry with anyone who wants to listen.

Myself and my team have been working so hard to develop our gym to the best it can be – I hope to write a blog post on this due to the amazing refurb we had recently. I’ve had so much fun experimenting with new kit and exploring different aspects of fitness. If you are local to us in Ferndown, Dorset please pop in to the Leisure Centre and take a look at the love that goes into improving our gym.

The website is: http://www.placesforpeopleleisure.org/centres/ferndown-leisure-centre/

Another reason I’ve been taking a break is because my boyfriend graduated from university in July and moved back home; so I’ve been spending some much needed time with him, and not taking for granted him being around. It’s been amazing!

There are some topics I’ve been itching to write about in the last few months; all of which I hope to post in the next few weeks – I can’t wait! Below is a little sneak peak of our refurb and the exciting things that I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

Thanks for reading. Happy working out! Sophie. xx



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