Apple Watch Sport: Fitness Review

Apple Watch

Recently, my iPhone battery broke, I booked an appointment with my local Apple Store  – West Quay, Southampton… they couldn’t have been more helpful and checked all of my diagnostics, worked their magic before realising it was a software fault and changed my hand set for me. During the time I was waiting, I was offered to try on some Apple Watches. I couldn’t turn it down! I had always considered how amazing they were but always expected them to be way out of a price range I was willing to spend.

I also feared the watch would be too big for my small wrists and the fitness elements weren’t as great as my Fit Bit Charge HR. How wrong I was!

A “genius” as they are called, allowed me to try some on and how beautiful it was! There are 2 sizes, 38mm or 42mm and 2 versions – the sport or the aluminium. It didn’t take much to realise which was best suited to me. The only issue – the colours! Black, silver, gold or rose gold. You can buy straps for £2.52 or similar from eBay or Amazon so that wasn’t a concern.

I must have asked 150 questions asking him to demonstrate on his own watch before comparing every feature to my FitBit! Once satisfied it does everything my FitBit is capable of, plus 100 more features, linking to my iPhone of course, as well as looking a little bit smarter – I was a sold customer. However, the price was still a concern to me. I paid £119.99 for my FitBit – the apple watch was £299.99 I was ready to splash out just yet.

A couple of days later John Lewis took £50 off the price and at £249.00 I was SOLD! I managed to sell my FitBit (which was in perfect condition) for £55 after only having it for 6 months. The excitement was unreal! It took me a couple of days to work out how to use it but I’m getting to grips with it now.

SO – how good really is the fitness side to this watch?

One thing that I’m really impressed by is the fact that I can hold lots of fitness specific apps to use on the watch. For example; Nike Running, or pocket yoga (where you can do a full yoga class from the watch!)

It’s not as “big” as you first imagine, demonstrated in my images above – and I have quite dainty wrists. The heart rate monitor in my opinion is pretty accurate, it picks up my movements well but isn’t too sensitive.

Most importantly, it is motivating. It encourages me to go for walks when I’ve been sat at the desk working for too long etc. It feels great when I see my activity rings go round and round at the end of a hard days work. You really need to try it for yourself to learn how it works for you but for me and the varied exercise I do – it’s great.

Any negatives? The main negative for me is that it is restricted when weight training. This will apply to most fitness watches as it’s not possible to count rep for rep and you may not be lifting your heart rate by a lot so it’ll be hard to track how much effort you are putting in. Because of this, I can’t fault it too much I’m not expecting the impossible.

For someone that loves a gadget like I do, especially when it’s fitness related, it is a great treat. From less of a fitness aspect – the fact my messages come up discretely on the watch is really helpful when in meetings or with client as I’m able to skim read and check for importance without being rude. There’s so many features that I’m still learning something new it does every day!

One important point is that I think it’s essential to take a break from the watch to allow yourself that detachment. It may sound silly but you can get obsessed with achieving a certain about of steps or level of activity yet it’s important to give yourself a few days off.

I hope someone could find this helpful! I’m Team Apple,



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