Review: Graze Box

I have never been sure about Graze until looking into it. I received a voucher for first box free after recommendation of a client so thought there’s no harm in trying! I visited the website to the friendliest, easy-to-use site I’ve every come across!

You can easily choose what you would like by their “bin, like, love, try” buttons! I’m not too fussy so was open to try nearly everything.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 18.09.07

I opted the have my boxes delivered every 2 weeks on a Saturday. The day arrived – what a treat! My first box costing a grand total of £0.00 consisted of the Graze Brownie, summer berry flapjacks, wholemeal shortbread and berry compote, and a vitamin C crush pack with dried fruit such as pineapple.

The Graze Brownie: a perfect little pick me up, made with dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Not for every day but if you are needing a low calorie little boost then this is perfect and come in 3 bite size little treats, sitting at only 110kcal. I would always normally recommend nutritional content over low calorie but as I said – this is not for all the time.

The Summer Berry Flapjack: an absolute dream. Again the same as above a perfect little treat that isn’t so bad and is half the calories. With real fruit pieces and oats with minimal sugar it’s a real energy boost.

Wholemeal Shortbread and Berry Compote: now this was a real treat. This is one of my favourite styles of desert, I thoroughly enjoyed these. Made with wholemeal flour, the actual short bread isn’t too indulgent, just the compote which is sugary. Made of raspberries (29%), strawberries (10%), blackcurrants (10%), raspberry puree (3%), it’s much better than your average jam.

Vitamin C crush: Plain and simple – coconut, mango and pineapple pieces in a convenient bite sized pot to take on the go. As the title says; bursting with vitamin C and all the goodness these ingredients provide.

Most importantly, all of the ingredients and nutritional content is provided so you know exactly what you are eating. It’s essential companies provide customers this information, especially for those that don’t have as much know-how when it comes to nutrition.

Overall, I am loving my graze box and look forward to my next box in a weeks time! I’ve always been an advocate for little treats (for want of a better word) regularly to illuminate cravings – life is all about balance so food shouldn’t be divided into “good and bad”. These little boxes of joy provide exactly that.

The service from graze is faultless, the communication, delivery, etc. £3.99 is a price I would be willing to pay every couple of weeks to give myself a little indulge! I’d recommend the service. It’s not something I’m going to sustain for a prolonged period of time but I have enjoyed having an extra snack box in the cupboard that I can grab and take to work or take on a journey. Happy Grazing. XX


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