Reflecting on 2015 – HNY!

At the end of the year, I find it important to reflect on what I have achieved, what I am grateful for and what I hope for the New Year to bring. Quite a lot happened for me in 2015 so this reflection took a lot longer than I expected! Through the last couple of weeks in December I began to jot down notes on my phone about different subjects I wanted to think about. I re-wrote it over the New Year’s break so it began to make more sense, and now in the last week of January I am attempting to finally write it into a blog post.


I split my highlights of the year into categories so it was easier to focus on each one.



This year has been a very busy and productive year for me in work terms. I feel very lucky that in my current job role I am able to work doing all of the things I love. In March this year, I was given my promotion to Assistant Fitness Manager; my responsibilities increased and so did my passion for my work. I am now responsible for a lot more admin work, organising as well as being the sole massage therapist for the centre, a PT achieving my targets every month and in the absence of my manager, I am acting manager as well as a deputy line manager for a team of people.

In June I began studying a Level 3 NVQ in Management and Leadership. After lots of work, assignments and evidencing them to my day-to-day work I will be completing this in April 2016 after just 10 months. It has taught me  more than I expected it too. I’m not sure where I’ll be heading in the New Year or what opportunities will arise, if any, but I look forward to finding out.


Personal, Achievements, and set backs?

As well as studying my NVQ I have attended several management courses across the year, arranged by my company. These have definitely helped me to feel more confident in my role. It has certainly been a busy year work wise.

Personally? An achievement of mine has been starting this blog; I have always loved writing and a real ambition of mine would be to be a fitness writer, not as a full time occupation but just to have a column in Women’s Health magazine based upon my experience working in the industry, that’s the dream. I’d been thinking about building a website for a long time and when I had a spare minute, I began. I edited it and changed it for months before braving the fact that someone may read it, and published it. I am enjoying the ability to share my everyday fitness life with anyone that may want to read it; and if I could give advice or inspire someone I have never met then that is more than I could hope for.

This year I have really made a conscious effort to take better care of myself after learning my lesson suffering too many bouts of illness after running myself down and not taking any time off. I’ve realised the importance of having a day off to recover from being crazy busy and looking after myself; so I began to make small changes to my lifestyle. I’ve tried to read more, a lot more, and I now don’t make myself feel guilty about taking a day off of working!

One of the main achievements of the year personally was competing in a triathlon! Training outdoors is not a strength of mine, neither is running, so this was a real challenge and I am planning on competing again in May. This time round I will be sure to train for the event.


Sports Massage Business 

This could come under my work/career, or my personal achievements as this business is a very important part of my life. I had always done massages free lance but more so for family and friends. It was only following high demand that I began to make this into a business around my full time job and 2015 is the year I really made it happen. I now have the most amount of clients that I can fit in and am currently not taking on any more clients due to this. I want to ensure I can give people the appointments they want. All of my clients have become regular and seeing the progress, improvements they make each visit is the joy and satisfaction of my job.


Feelings and what I hope to achieve in 2016?

Reflecting on this on New Year’s Eve I feel really happy and positive for the year to follow. I feel I am very blessed with wonderful family, friends and boyfriend which I am always reminded of over Christmas time. I live in a beautiful part of the world and my job is my passion. Sometimes working 10-14 hour days can really take it’s toll but I wouldn’t change it, I love to be busy. Turning 21 this year has been a real cause for celebrations. I’m not really a resolution writer but I have written a to-do list of things to achieve by the time I complete my study in April. Let’s hope my productivity keeps and I achieve them all!

Overall, 2015 has been another incredible year, achieving and experiencing more than I could have hoped. I love the New Year as a time to get excited for things to follow and a great time to set some goals to motivate yourself. Below are some photos to highlight some of the best parts of the year.


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