Alternative Rice Crispy Cakes Recipe

Every Sunday afternoon when I settle down to prepare for work tomorrow, I do my food preparation for the week. I love cooking so this is not too much of a chore however, if I’ve been away or busy, this time on Sunday afternoon is normally all I have off to get lots done so I can understand why people find this organisation difficult. It’s something you have to learn to add into your routine.

This weekend I have been away in London and got back this afternoon from the National Express stop in Ringwood. I unpacked, prepared a bag for the mornings workout, a bag for work and had my Ocado food shopping delivered. Productive Sunday?!

Food preparation leads to baking… 

As I said, I love being in the kitchen and once I get started I get into baking. I am blessed to have some amazing cooks and bakers in my family so I get lots of inspiration.


Today I opted for some experimental baking with a recipe I hadn’t tried before and made up as I went along.

I used Rude Health Honey Puffed Oats, Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate and Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

1. Melt 5-6 chunks of dark chocolate until smooth

2. Melt 1 1/2 table spoons of coconut oil in a pan until liquid

3. Mix both together in the pan and stir until blended

4. Add in your oats, as many as you feel you need until there isn’t much liquid left in the pan

5. Spoon into your cake holders – this mix made 8 cakes.

Finally pop your cakes in the fridge to set then eat and enjoy a couple of hours later.

These are the perfect pick me up, indulgent, guilt free, ball of energy that are so quick and easy to make – I hope you enjoy! 


Another one of my favourite bakes recently has been a recipe from I love these recipes – Ella has had such a success from her creativity and passion, and her food is amazing. These are sweet potato brownies; which as she says herself, sound not quite right?! But, I can assure you they are delicious and went down a hit in the office.

They are completely refined sugar free; made with sweet potato, dates, dark chocolate, ground almonds etc. Though I will note sugar is sugar – it is good to opt for natural alternatives sometimes if you have a sweet tooth like me. The same as above, these are the perfect pick me up, bursting with goodness and energy. The best bit? They taste like the gooey-ist chocolatey brownie ever.


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