Smart Food Choices.. away from home

In my everyday life, this year especially, I have travelled quite a lot. I have only visited 3 countries this year but many destinations in the UK. I consider the UK to a wonderful place to live with some beautiful places to visit without leaving the country.

Living in the South West of England, I feel very lucky; I am surrounded by beautiful countryside (without being off the beaten track), the New Forest, a new town/village/city being in driving distance, the beach is 20 minutes away and we have some beautiful, famous landscapes on the Jurassic Coast such as Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, the Purbecks etc.

My partner lives in Bristol 9 months out of the year whilst he studies at university so I have loved exploring the city for the past 2 years. My younger brother has also just moved to university in Oxford, a city I have never visited before September but now love very much.

I have also had some fantastic planned weekends away – a couple in London and one in Bath where I do my Christmas shopping every year, Swanage and Wales.

Above pictures: my view on a coastal walk along the Purbeck’s this Autumn, touristing in Oxford with my little brother, a beautiful looking London on a weekend in January 2015, Bristol suspension bridge from a pub in Clifton. 

Staying healthy whilst away from home can be one of the trickiest things…

Being away for 1-2 days means I could take this time as my rest days, or at least one of them and relax a little bit with my diet. However, if I can’t have a workout whilst away for any longer then I don’t want to relax too much with food as I will feel sluggish.

My number 1 rule I tell my clients when discussing diets is never to deprive yourself. If you forbid yourself from eating chocolate for example, then it’ll be all you will think about, driving yourself mad. It tends to work that if you forbid something from your diet then when you give in, you will binge and have a lot more than you would have initially and there is nothing worse for your body than binging – binge eating and binge dieting as we always hear in the news. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, but having one cheat meal doesn’t need to turn into a cheat day. One of the best tips I can recommend is that on the day you plan to have a cheat meal – a lunch for example, just consider watching calories for the rest of the day so your over indulge doesn’t need to make you feel too full.

Little and often is key – everything in moderation is the key for balance. 

I love eating out – it is definitely my guilty pleasure. However, it’s all about smart choices. I love having a few treats but always ensure I go the right places so there is plenty to choose from. Below are some of my favourite stops:

My favourite breakfast spot is Boston Tea Party there are locations in Ringwood, near my home, Bristol, Salisbury etc. I struggle to chose from the menu!

Below is sourdough toast, grilled bacon, avocado, poached egg and freshly squeezed orange juice,

then on the right is a berry smoothie, avocado, scrambled egg and salmon also on sourdough toast.

Two of my favourite spots in London are where my breakfast on the left is from – also a chain restaurant. I have an english breakfast tea, scrambled egg, salmon and whole meal toast.

My other favourite stop is LEON Restaurants, – it’s amazing to see how the country is progressing and seeing one of these healthy fast food restaurants on every corner in London is such great progress. They make the best food on the go!


These photos are from various places I have visited another delicious selection of food:

1. The Stawell Hotel, Lymington 

Salmon and chive scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel with english breakfast tea and a beautiful conservatory to sit in

2. The Bryn Meadows Hotel and Spa, South Wales

A very colourful superfood salad

3. Joseph’s Cafe, Bath City Centre

Berry smoothie with a pure green tea and a view of the cathedral

4. Urban Reef, Boscombe Beach, Bournemouth

Cray fish and rocket salad on toasted sourdough bread with a berry and banana smoothie (with James’s not-so-healthy burger in the background).

My top tips for keeping your diet in shape when away from home are:

  1. Plan your trip ahead – think about what meals you can have before you leave, when you’ll be stopping for dinner/lunch – think about what restaurants are around and have a look at the menus before hand.
  2. Always carry a bottle of water. I never leave the house without my 1.5 litre EVIAN 
  3. Carry a snack in your bag – my go to snacks are bounce balls, (macadamia and coconut are my favourite), quest bars (got to be cookies and cream or raspberry and white chocolate), oat cakes and Lindt 85% dark chocolate – just a couple of squares.
  4. Don’t wait until you are starving to eat; you are more likely to eat more than you want and need, making yourself bloated. 
  5. Stop for a drink before lunch, a lot of dehydration can be perceived as hunger. My go to drink stops are a pure green tea, english breakfast tea with milk, a fruit smoothie – always check what they are made with however; a lot of smoothies in cafes aren’t always fresh fruit. Being made with yoghurt or ice is fine, but if theres no fresh fruit it isn’t a smoothie! 

Thanks for reading. I hope you can find this helpful. xo


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