New Toy: FitBit Charge HR

After completing my triathlon this morning, being Sunday 11th October, I wanted to treat myself. A toy I have wanted for a long time is some form of fitness watch. However, these come at a high cost and I didn’t want to choose one for the sake of it. I’m always someone who shops around as much as possible. I’ve read reviews and articles in Women’s Health also. After comparing on the internet I saw PC World and Curry’s having an offer on several different ones so read up on them all and then took a trip to shop and try on!

I was torn between the Polar FT7 watch and the more recent brand FitBit. I was put off most of the watches due to them being heart rate monitor compatible but to enable this you need to buy a separate heart rate monitor to have strapped across your chest. To me, this just seemed inconvenient as for myself I will be rushing to teach a spin class and forgetting to put my HR monitor on and not getting the recordings that I want. This drew me to the FitBit Charge HR which has a heart rate monitor within the wrist watch itself. As a bonus it was on offer for £20 cheaper and at £99.99 I was happy to purchase this if it did everything it says on the tin!

I could not be more impressed with my FitBit, I have even been encouraging my clients to get one for that extra bit of motivation when they are not seeing me. The FitBit counts my steps, allows me to record my calorie and water intake, along with my exercise, tracks my heart rate and shows me what I have achieved. The app is fantastic also and reminds me to drink the water I should be etc.

Get more info on FitBit here:

Especially for when I do a spinning class or a tabata workout where one of my main goals is to increase my heart rate to my peak; I can track this through the workout as shown in the picture below.


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