London to Paris Challenge

October is National Cholesterol Month and Places for People Leisure sites all over the country were fundraising, mine included. They had themed it “The Great Cholesterol Challenge” with some suggested challenges. We went for Level 3/3 of course, which was the London to Paris challenge which some of you may have heard of.

The London to Paris challenge is a distance of 453km; however, cycling to Paris wasn’t realistic so we were going to achieve this on two of our stationary spin bikes. The goal was for each bike to clock up at least 230km in as little time as possible and raise as much money as we could from passers by (our bikes were in our centre’s reception).

Our customers were very generous and we managed to raise £186.30 for Heart UK, the cholesterol charity.

One of the bikes was occupied by myself at all times and the other by customers or staff, who ever wanted to join in and help achieve the distance. Most partakers were great and achieved a good 20 minutes pedalling at least. In total I was spinning for 6 hours and 47 minutes (owe!). It’s safe to say my poor bum was sore and numb and I couldn’t feel my legs over the weekend, but it was all for a great cause and I’m so pleased we did it!

For more details on Heart UK Charity or what you can do to take part in National Cholesterol Month next year follow this link:




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