Run or Dye: My Experiences

I loved this event and would love to take part every summer! The event itself is called “Run or Dye” (a play on words – clever!) “The Worlds Funnest 5k” and that it was. An event that is internationally run, allowing everybody to take part, including children; it was fantastic to see a team of 10 year old boys running with their Dads having the time of their life covering each other in powder paint. I took part on Saturday 11th August 2015.

The event involves running a 5k distance with every kilometre being a paint station where you would be covered in a different colour powder. You are issued with a white t-shift and sweat band before you start to ensure you finish as colourful as possible! The location I took part in was Kings Park in Bournemouth near to where I live, which was a beautiful setting on a summers day. Luckily the paint washes off with water so none of the grounds are damaged.


I am not a particularly keen runner, it’s not something I practise often but I have always enjoyed a sprint distance of a 5k. I took part with a school friend and we had such a laugh. The atmosphere is fantastic – so energetic and exciting with everyone just there for a good time and to achieve something that may be a challenge.


Most people were also running for a good cause, myself included. My friend Amy was running in aid of “Mind” charity which supports mental health; a great charity we were happy to be supporting. Details here: Mind. I had chosen to run in aid of Julia’s House, a children’s hospice local to me. At the beginning of this year I had been volunteering for their HQ helping with fundraising events so had the joy of being shown around the hospice and what a beautiful place it is.

Having seen the amazing work the charity do I was keen to raise as much as we could! We managed to raise £170.00 between the two charities which was a great achievement within a couple of months. Details of Julia’s House here:

If you’re looking for a challenge and something fun to take part in, I would highly recommend Run or Dye. Check out Run or Dye to find an event near you!


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