What is Metafit™?

It’s my favourite class to teach along with spinning. Metafit™ is the original 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout, with over 10,000 coaches teaching worldwide. Metafit is not a home workout, it is a class taught by a live qualified coach. 


Metafit is a class based upon the principles of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). This type of training is the most effective type of fat burning exercise. In a nut shell it is high intensity exercise (working as hard as you possibly can) for only a short period of time, followed by a short rest and this is repeated until you reach your peak. This could be done through any type of exercise, weights, body weight, plyometrics, cardio intervals etc. Exercise in this format means you can have a workout for only 20 minutes and it be twice as effective as a 40% effort workout over 2 hours. Which  duration would you choose!? 

This is why Metafit™ is so great. It puts this principle into practise but changing formats every month – so it’s never boring. This is why it’s so great as an instructor. I receive easy download monthly workouts with a comprehensive video library to ensure I’m teaching all of the exercises correctly. Each month the workout will change the work to rest ratios, the format, the duration and the exercises included; even though they are similar and all using your body weight. 

Working at this intensity can be tough for anyone to motivate themselves which is why Metafit™ really works. It can be used as a group studio class, a bootcamp or a one-to-one training session so I do all the motivating for you. The class is seriously tough which is why it’s never longer than 30 minutes; the most recent classes have varied from 17 minutes – 22 minutes. Even though it is tough, Metafit™ is still for everyone. The participants in my classes vary from super fit hard core gym goers, to complete beginners that want to get fit quick. The format of the class and the exercises given mean it is only as difficult as you make it. You get out what you put in – the same with most classes!  I have a progression and regression for every exercise to ensure Metafit™ can even accomadate injuries. 

For more information on Metafit™ classes and to find one close to you see:

The latest workouts are just as tough as they sound: 

So why do I rave about HIIT Training?

HIIT Training has many benefits that can suit everyone.

  • These days we all have crazy busy lives and don’t have time to spend hours in the gym and if this isn’t our work then we don’t prioritise work outs. With HIIT training, no-one has an excuse. You can have an effective workout and have the best sweat on in less than 10 minutes! Tabata training is another type of HIIT training and goes with the method of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest – as many times as you can bare.
  • Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout but the effect of that intensity sends your body’s repair cycle into overdrive, which means you burn more calories for 24 hours following exercise.
  • You improve your fitness, not just your appearance or strength but your actual lung and heart capacities meaning your body can cope with more. Healthy organs and an ability to carry out every day tasks more easily are all things to tick off our lists.
  • Lose the fat but keep the muscle; because of the intensity, studies show that the weight loss comes from fat stores not muscle. Where as steady pace cardio has shown to encourage muscle loss. (That means no more 1 hour cross trainer sessions 3 times a week!)

1ST JULY 2015

My Wednesday evening Metafit™ class enjoying the sunshine pre workout.


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