Falling in love with Dubai

Falling in love with Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Arriving in our last country, knowing we’ll be home in less than a week made us feel so relaxed. To be in a hotel and not a hostel was worlds apart and such a luxury. We had a beautiful hotel room with a luxurious pool and the most helpful staff. Running hot water was enough for us!

We even had a TV where we could catch up on music from the last 2 months! It felt like we had been living in a bubble whilst away! We also had wifi for a solid period of time so we felt more connected to our family and friends.

We truly experienced Dubai – we had a tour of the city, seeing the main landmarks of the city and a safari tour of the desert where we got to do a 4×4 dune cruise into the middle of the desert where we had a feast with a show! Both fantastic. We also got to use the free hotel shuttle buses to the beach and the malls for other day trips. Knowing we were at our last destination and could use up all of our money made it a lot easier for us to go out for nice meals without worrying.

With the hotel having a gym, a pool and a wonderful buffet breakfast I felt a lot more revitalised before coming home.


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