Cameron Highlands is a beautiful place

Cameron Highlands is a beautiful place
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A land in Malaysia, in the mountains, famous for its tea and strawberries? Could this be a Brits dream? Yes.

Our hostel was beautiful and clean and surrounded by the most incredible views. We had bunk beds and a cafe with free tea and toast – (as a traveller on a budget you appreciate this more than you could imagine). Their homemade jam and famous tea bags made it the best of all.

So naturally as soon as we arrived we had scons and tea. Dreamy. Every where you go it is strawberries, strawberry pancakes, strawberry jam etc etc! No complaints. Our first full day was 24th February and it was a Rainforest Expedition. We got picked up by a landrover and taken around the mountains exploring the highest peak, trekking a rainforest, exploring the tea leaves and farms, butterfly farms and strawberry fields with our own tour guide!



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